JURIJ DREVENŠEK (Marjan) has appeared in dozens of plays and several films such as Bread and Circuses, Sly Foxes and Tomaz Gorkic’s debut feature film Idyll/Killbillies from 2015. Widely recognized as one of the best actors of his generation, and awarded on several occasions, Jurij is proficient both in drama and comedy, and will no doubt stand out as Marjan, the leading character of the film.

NIKLAS KVARFORTH (Sven) is a Swedish musician, known as the founder, composer and vocalist of the black metal band Shining. After a more than successful music career, spanning over over two decades and a plethora of albums, the time has come for him to grace us with his presence on the big screens! His outlandish persona will no doubt make Sven, the Satanistic crusader, one of the most likeable characters in film.

MARKO MANDIC (Bojan) is one of the most prominent figures in the world of Slovenian film and theatre to date, with dozens of awards and more than a hundred national & international projects behind his back. He is known for his intense method acting approch and for appearing in films such as The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Gold, Inferno and more.

SASA PAVLIN STOSIC (Anastasya) is known for her work in film, television and theatre. She has appeared in prominent and award-winning works such as Shanghai Gypsy, The Tree and many others, and has since established herself as an incredibly diverse and versatile actress.

KATARINA STEGNAR (Elsa) is one of the most influential artists in the world of Slovenian independent theatre. Innovative, daring and experimential, her work, spanning over nearly a hundred projects, has been widely recognized by several professional institutions and associations. She has also appeared in a number of films, most notably The Bastards and The Tree.

TANJA RIBIC (Ilsa) is one of the most recognizable figures in the world of Slovenian film, television and theatre. Her long-spanning career has left a visible mark, most notably with her roles in classics such as No Man’s Land and Kaymak and Marmelade. She has starred in a large number of other productions, both national and international.

JONAS ZNIDARSIC (Hans) is an actor and a television game show host, best know for hosting the Slovenian version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. His presence in the world of popular media has shaped him into one of the most influential television figures to-date, and his vast achievements have earned him several prestigious awards. Jonas has also appread in a variety of films such as Bread and Circuses, Eye for an Eye and several others.

GREGA SKOCIR (Mile) is a famous vocalist and a founder of the band Big Foot Mama, one of the most popular bands in Slovenia. He has been dominating the musical stages ever since 1994, creating more than 10 albums in the process. His role as Mile in The Curse of Valburga is his first live action feature film role.

ZALA DJURIC RIBIC (Dasha) is an actress and a writer. Active since the age of four, Zala has appeared in a wide variety of feature films, including The Miner, The Bridge and Angelia Jolie’s The Land of Blood and Honey. Her other credits include Disney voice over work and performing in various theatre shows, including The Doorman, her authorial play.

LEJA JURISIC (The Woman) is an experienced choreographer and a performance artist, known for a wide variety of authorial projects such as Together, King Lear: A Statement of True Love and several others. She has worked with world-renowned authors and creators such as Tim Etchells and Meg Stuars, and is today recognized as one of the most daring artists in her field. The Curse of Valburga is her first feature film role.

ONDINA KEREC (Chloe) is a young actress and a dancer, currently a student at the Ljubljana Dance Academy. She has been dancing since the age of six, and has marked her debut film role at the age of twelve in a TV film Burglars Work in the Summer. Since then, she has appeared in a number of other projects, most notably internet series Dualism and TV sitcom Class Act.

NEZA BLAZIC (Louise) is an aspiring actress and a dancer, studying at the Ljubljana Dance Academy. She has been interested in the performance arts ever since she was little and has since actively worked in the field of dancing, theatre and singing. While this is her first feature film role, she has appeared in Cataplexy, a short dance film.

MATEVZ LOBODA (Louis) is a young actor who is currently studying to become a multimedia producer. Over the course of his youth, he has appeared in a couple of short films. His role as Louis in The Curse of Valburga is his first feature film role.

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