JURIJ DREVENŠEK (Marjan) is a man of Styria, who can drink tea instead of coffee. He likes to watch local football, but he migrated to Ljubljana because of boredom and studies. He likes bold projects. He doesn’t know who is a greater jerk on reality shows: the performer – or the jerk who is watching it every night. He has an evidence from school that he can play guitar.
Most of the viewers probably remember him by the role of the disgusting dude from Idyll (Tomaž Gorkič, 2015), who they wouldn’t want to meet on the street even in the broad daylight. This is why he was probably awarded at the 18th Slovene Film Festival. This brutally violent, perverted and retarded hillbilly from the Idyll is going to transform into a totally average man, who lacks education but still aims to improve his social status in The Curse of Valburga. Marjan is a modern man in his middle age, who is only interested in increasing his material prosperity and is also willing to lie because of it. Not exactly marriage material.
Jurij started with his theatre and film performances in Ljubljana in 2006. In the world of theatre, he proved himself as a member of The Ljubljana City Theatre and Slovene National Theatre Drama Maribor. His cinematic debut was acting in a nostalgic comedy Bread and Circuses (Klemen Dvornik, 2011), a comedy film Victory or How Maks Bigec Turned the Wheel of History (Miran Zupanič, 2011), action drama Sly Foxes (Boris Jurjaševič, 2017), My last year as a Looser (Urša Menart, 2018) and other creations of moving images. He earned the Dnevnik award for the best artistic achievement for the role of Jacques in Ionesco’s absurd comedy Jacques or Subordination, Bianka in Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew and Carlos in musical Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown in season 2012/2013.

NIKLAS KVARFORTH (Sven)  is cursed with remembering everything, even if he is dead-drunk. He does not like people (who come to the concert to take pictures with theirphones). He says that in the black metal genre people look like pandas. He believesthat if someone commits suicide because of his music, he is complimenting it. If he does not like a hat, he spits on it.
This time we will meet him as a Satanist who is obsessed with magic. Although
he seems like a perfectly normal Scandinavian tourist, we can not get rid of the
feeling that visiting castles is not the only intention he has while traveling abroad. His future is darker than his shirts. The film will tell us whose evil side shall prevail.
Niklas Kvarfoth is Swedish metal multi-instrumentalist who established his first black metal band Shining at the age of twelve. He is still performing with them as a vocalist and composer. He has also been working with other bands such as Behemoth, The Vision Bleak, Bethlehem, Skitliv, Diabolicum, Den Saakaldte, Funeral Dirge, Manes, The Sarcophagus, Anaal Nathrakh and others. This controversial metalhead staged his own death in the media in 2006 but he returned to the performances in the next year by the pseudonym “Ghoul”.

MARKO MANDIČ (Bojan) has often been seen naked in public, but instead of penalizing him, they paid him. He never wanted to play Hamlet. As every true actor he worked as a waiter while living and studying in Queens. He lives on the fourth floor and is always taking the stairs to come there. He thinks wrinkles add something to a person.
This time we will get to know Mandič in the role of Bojan, an incurable hedonist who is indulging himself in the world of alcoholic beverages, drugs, and sex. Ozzy Osbourne of the lower class 101. Marjan’s older brother is more mature only by his age but not by accepting responsibility. His outstanding communication skills could bring him into trouble because of his vulgarity, but it might happen that his sleek tongue helps him out of the problems once again. In his relationships towards people, Bojan keeps on being an uncompromising hard-ass, or even better, he is just “sticking to his character”.
Marko Mandič is a recipient of Prešeren’s, Sever’s and Borshtnik’s awards for drama. His remarkable acting talent took him abroad often; including Berlinale 2007, where he was chosen among Shooting Stars. The member of Ljubljana’s Drama Theatre played in his latest film in 2017 in Patrick Hughes’ The Hitman’s Bodyguard. Though he was already praised because of his acting in the war drama Herzog (Mitja Milavec, 1995), Express, express (Igor Šterk, 1997), criminal coming-of-age film Rascals! (Miran Zupanič, 2001), Tea (Hanna Slak, 2006) if we mention just a few of them. In Slovene film sphere, he was last seen in Overwritten in 2011 (Klemen Dvornik), that is addressing former political ideologies and their remainings in the past in a specific way, just like in the Curse of Valburga. Once he also acted in a role of an Austro-Hungarian cowboy.

SAŠA PAVLIN STOŠIĆ (Anastasya) unfortunately isn’t single. She likes to undress in front of the camera. As a child, she pretended that she is Charlie Chaplin for days. Today, she does not need to pretend that she surfs on the waves. The first thing she does when she wakes up, is getting her slipper from her labrador’s mouth because it is pushing it to her head to wake her up.
Anastasya’s profession is not that noble. She is willing to show and do a lot just for money. Without finances it would be harder to obtain illegal substances that one consumes through the nose. Vasily and her are friends because of common business plans and mutual company. Traveling and visiting the mansion is in a way business trip for them. In her reckless lifestyle, her business ambition is often overrun by her ambition to party.
Saša is famous for her work in theatre and film. Lately also because of one of the main roles in the popular soap opera Fatal wine. She is also dancing, which used to be her main passion until the injury that forced her to rest for quite a while. Among dozens of different, occasionally international roles, she received an award at Karlovy Vary film festival where the film The Tree (Sonja Prosec, 2014) had its world premiere. She also received an award for Shanghai (Marko Naberšnik, 2012) at the same festival. First time she was seen on television was in Letters from Egypt (Polona Sepe, 2010). She also enhanced documentary film Mira Marko (Žiga Virc, 2013) by using only her voice.

KATARINA STEGNAR (Elsa) aka “The queen of the independent scene”. As an average citizen she can’t complain. She is taking the streets a lot. In 2004 she was planning an assassination of Berlusconi. Once upon a time she wanted to become a nun because she heard the piano playing, but today she is addicted to adrenaline. She could fight a tiger and a dragon in a forest with a katana without any problems.
The character of Elsa in the Curse of Valburga is inseparable to character of Sven. But in a way that they would rather exchange each other’s diseases by blood instead of genitals.
She only has one goal in front of her, the mission that is bigger than herself. It’s realization would justify her occasional pretentiousness and would make her eternal wish come true. But at this moment, of course, we won’t share her wish with you. Anyway, the master of martial arts must not only know the right moves to walk her path, but she also needs to be strong in spirit. Warning: no telekinesis.
Lately, Katarina Stegnar is one of the most notorious names of Slovene acting scene, originating from a field of a theatre play, dance, and performances. She is evolving contemporary stage art through the production of Via Negativa, where she is active as a member of the theatre for more than a century, often cooperating with independent theatres such as Glej, PTL (Dance Theatre Ljubljana), associations such as Maska and Betontanc and also with Slovene National Theatre Drama. On film, she starred in Suburbs (Vinko Möderndorfer, 2005), Rascals! (Miran Zupanič, 2000) and The Tree (Sonja Prosenc, 2014), where she successfully coped with at least two totally opposite characters; defiant and rebellious teenager in Rascals! and caring mother in The Tree. She was often rewarded for her work in independent production. Now she is employed in the Slovenian Youth Theatre.

TANJA RIBIČ (Ilsa) has beaten aging and still looks like she is in her twenties. She is also an ambassador of healthy living because she doesn’t want to be a plantation of the the corporations. She is so close to Angelina Jolie that they wish each other Happy new year. Wheat damages her.
She is going to lend her body figure to the film about Valburga and perhaps even more than that. She is going to play a part of Ilsa, Hans’s wife, who enjoys enormous amounts of alcohol as much as he does. With an emphasis on the beer. She is stricter and colder than Hans is. Her husband and she came to visit Valburga accidentally while enjoying Slovenia’s many liquid delicacies. They are not the people who want to be on the front line, which might save them from the danger that is threatening visitors of Valburga.
Tanja Ribič is one of the most famous Slovene actors. She started her acting career in 1990 in film Artificial Paradise (Karpo Godina). Up to this day she performed in more than 13 national and international film productions and even more theatre plays. Many remember her from widely popular TV series such as Theatre Paradise and Our Little Clinic. In the role of Marta she also played in No Man’s Land (Denis Tanović, 2001), that received an award in Cannes, Golden Globe awards and Academy award for the best foreign language film. As a singer she published two music albums and had represented Slovenia at 1997 Eurovision competition with a song Wake Up.

JONAS ŽNIDARŠIČ (Hans) was among Yugoslavia’s best mathematicians in high school. He is known for being funny. His surname becomes irrelevant just by mentioning his first name. He served in the army only for a month because he showed up naked on morning inspection and everyone thought he is mentally unbalanced. He read all the works of Shakespeare.
Role of Hans will transcend him into a German-speaking beer lover. He visits Slovenia with his wife Ilsa (Tanja Ribič). He is cheerful, undemanding man and he is tipsy al least most of the time. We will see if this time luck is again in the hands of drunks.
The first time Jonas stood in front of the camera was in a television show about computers at the beginning of the 90’s. He started his legendary media career working as a radio moderator at Radio Student Ljubljana and he continued his hosting career at the television in shows such as Without brakes, News on news and Who wants to Be a Millionaire? He won Slovenia’s media award Victor for 14 times. Regardless of his public career he is also a professional billiard and poker player. On film, he was seen for the first time in three fast cadres in 1980 as a soldier in See You in the Next War (Živojin Pavlović). He also played in Bread and Circuses (Klemen Dvornik, 2011), Overwritten (Klemen Dvornik, 2010), Vampire from Gorjanci (Vinci Vogue Anžlovar, 2007), Guardian of the Frontier (Maja Weiss, 2002), etc.

GREGA SKOČIR (Mile) is a rocker who recently found out that music is not just about girls. His main attribute are Top gun sunglasses. He isn’t fond of social media and he also does not understand it well also. He used to hate Bon Jovi and glam rockers. His first T-shirt had a Duran Duran logo on it.
Mile is going to be another one in a group of minor criminals that are about to mix everything up thus creating story’s main plot. He is not going to participate in it intentionally, but by tangling in a series of strange circumstances of his shady companionship. He is not going to give up the opportunity to finally experience something exciting after neverending wandering on the path of eternal nihilism and boredom. He will also be brought to this miserable place by his wishes to pay off some old debts. He is a problematic character and he has a very low level of tolerance. His incapability of verbal expression is usually replaced with aggressive physical reactions.
Skočir already started his musical career in high school when he became a vocalist of Slovene rock band Big Foot Mama, where he still is performing as a frontman. The band published their eleventh studio album Flames in the Paradise in the spring of 2018. He is not new to film. In 2010 a documentary film That Day of the Week about Big Foot Mama was made. In a year before, he played in short animated-feature film Cloud Catcher by Miha Knific. The first time he played in a film was in Reality in 2008 (Dafne Jemeršič).

ZALA ĐJURIĆ RIBIČ (Dasha) orders her coffee as an American and she drinks it like a Bosnian. Mostly she is in male company, but not when she does her yoga. She has been high since her birth. High on life. She writes poetry and her favorite piece of wardrobe are her panties. Sometimes she wishes to have a self-sufficient farm.
In the curse of Valburga she belongs to a group with her professional colleagues Vasily and Anastasya. They are joined by a common, unbreakable love for cocaine. Her body language is more efficient than her words. She is in the business accidentally and she is not looking for a higher purpose while practicing it. She is always enjoying the moment and because she is not really smart and because of her recklessness, she does not realize when can her path lead to devastation.
Zala Đurić Ribič played her first role at the age of four in Cheese and Jam (Branko Đurić, 2003), thanks to her parents who are actors. Since then, she wanted to become an actor, made her go to the USA to HB Playwrights in New York. One of the highlights while living abroad was the performance in Manhattan Repertory Theatre, where she presented a monocomedy The Housemaid which she wrote and performed. She is also singing and composing pop songs.

LEJA JURIŠIĆ (The Woman) likes people. Sometimes she makes jokes just so she doesn’t need to listen to the others. She did not know one must say Good morning right after the midnight. She is consolidating the motoric skills of her kids with trenches and mountains that go round her apartment and are made out of her clothes.
Her movie role represents a character of the attractive clerk from office next door, who is just having a break. She seems relaxed, although she lived through a couple of strenuous days. This is why she is not in the mood to share one of her rare moments of silence with Bojan.
Leja Jurišić is a graduated lawyer, dancer, and choreographer, who trained gymnastics in her young days and became the national champion of Yugoslavia in 1991. Her first solo dance performance was in 2005 with the show called R’z’R. It was followed by an international tour in the same year after she was awarded Ksenja Hribar’s award at Moving Cake dance festival. Her first full-length feature film role as one of the dancers was in the biographical drama The Death of Socrates (Nataša Prosenc, 2010). She also performed in an experimental short film Every Right Poet (Nejc Saje, Jeffrey Young) in 2014.

ONDINA KEREC (Chloe) is a rather chatty young woman with an extraordinary sense of posing on pictures. Her Instagram profile is consequently always being refreshed. She has a lot of love in her and she loves to kiss the air. She dances for her life and for the money. She knows how to hang herself on a rope without strangling herself.
We’ll get to know her in a role of a member of a goth subculture, living in some distant world in her mind. Some would say that she is a freak. Her French friends follow her no matter what. Their bonds seem strong because of their mutual fashion style. They have a common life goal which is not exactly typical carrer path. One could even say they try to reach a true turning point in their lives.
Ondina is among rising stars of Slovene younger generation of actors. This student of Ljubljana’s dance academy started to dance when she was only six years old and started to act six years after. Her acting debut was a television family film Burglars Work in the Summer (Robert Končar, 2010), which got a sequel in the next year, called the Haunted hut (Robert Končar, 2011). Only a year later, she played a high school girl in a feature informative youth show Class for Itself (Razred zase) on Slovene national television. She participated in some short films as assistant director and she managed this double role also with working on web series The Dualism (Tomaž Krajnc, 2018).

NEŽA BLAŽIČ (Louise) knows what she wants. She has been thinking about it for over a year in New Zealand. Her other travels include obligatory moments of practicing yoga on places that look like Windows backgrounds. She is reviving her moments of weirdness in performative traveling/wondering theatre of Katzen cabaret.
In the Curse of Valburga she will appear in a full-length feature film for the first time. She is going to play a role of Chloe’s best friend, which is, as anticipated, also a sworn goth girl. She is strongly attracted to mysticism and that is exactly what will bring her to Valburga. She is also not really in touch with reality and she lives her life by her own interpretation and because of that, she is usually misunderstood. Louise is a childish part of female gothic pair, including all the stereotypes that go with it. She is childish, spoiled and naive. Consequently, she can easily be disappointed or hurt.
Neža is a student of AMEU – Academy of dance, that is just an extension of her dancing career from her young age. A graduated psychologist has performed in many larger and smaller stages in Slovenia and abroad, including a short dance film Cataplexy (David Lah, 2016).

MATEVŽ LOBODA (Louis) used to be a typical metalhead. He wore long hair and played Dungeons and Dragons. He gradually transformed into a hipster. Being a responsible consumer he does not use plastic straws. His friends call him Bugi. He has six followers on Youtube.
The Curse of Valburga is his full-length feature acting debut. We will see him as a part of French gothic threesome who will represent a younger generation of visitors. Louis is, as name indicates, twin brother of goth girl Louise. They are not inseparable because of family ties, but also because of his hidden love towards her best friend Chloe. Love has convinced him to wear a clothing style he probably wouldn’t choose for himself. Whatever the dresscode, he is on this world only to have as much fun as he can have.
Despite his age, Matevž is not unknown to Slovene film industry. In 2015 he appeared in short film of Fahrenheit 451 group, which intertwines literature and film in a production titled Travel In G (Pot vanje), that was a already third short film of the mentioned collective. He is currently studying to become a multimedia producer.

LUKA CIMPRIČ (Vasily) has been a scout for a long time. He loves action films and would like to act a bank robber who fires two shots to the ceiling. He is not a stranger to sign language. He is grateful to the city of Trieste for losing 30 kilograms there. He is supporting his football team while watching matches in their official t-shirt.
Vasily is also in the film industry. He is totally addicted to cocaine and this is why he is consuming it everywhere at any time without hesitation. The drugs are not helping him achieve better business success. It is more likely the other way around. Actually, they are increasing his arrogance which is fed by artistic successes. In the pair, Anastasya is in a role of reasonable antipode to Vasily who is the creative director and artistic leader among the three.

Cimprič started his professional acting path in 2000 while playing in Šentjakob amateur theatre. He performed in many theatre plays, films, and TV series. In 2011 he was chosen for the best actor of the year by magazine Stop at Slovene Film Festival. At 46th Borshtnikov’s meeting, he received an award for the play Liferanti and at 43rd Slovene drama week, he received Šeliga’s award for the best show of the festival according to the professional jury. His most visible roles in full-length feature films were roles of a camp guide Grega in Going Our Way 1 and 2 (Miha Hočevar, 2010 and 2013) and A Trip (Nejc Gazvoda, 2011).

ŽIGA FöDRANSPERG (Ferdo) has been working in catering since the age of eight. When he visited Rašica with his schoolmates, he bought everyone a drink. In his free time, he is a hoarder and this is why he somehow identifies himself with hamsters. Back in the day he was a fierce basketball and hockey fan. This is why he mastered jumping on the spot.
This fiery sports fan is going to play a security guard who is raising his income by selling not-yet-taxed products of bad quality. Especially those who “fell off the truck”. He is about to be be torn between the world of crime and average work, such as building security; he will be chasing after the money that is slipping through his hands as soon as he gets it. He is one of those men that women avoid in a bar because of his apparent all-knowing, vulgar humor and abominable attitude towards the opposite sex. Therefore the key substance of every normal local bar. But sometimes street skills and self-confidence are not enough for surviving such extreme circumstances as this one.

Födransperg is known to many citizens of Ljubljana as one of the legendary inhabitants of Šiška city district, because of which he earned himself a role in coproduction comedy Šiška Deluxe (Jan Cvitkovič, 2015), after he was acknowledged as a professional actor. On the brink of Šiška are two already cult buildings standing because of him and they are taking care of tasting buds of the locals. In his spare time he also goes by the nickname of Feder and is also the boss of Lepa žoga sport bar and Dobra vila food delivery.

DAVOR KLARIČ (The vampire) looks like Mick Jagger if you take a fast look of him while driving by in a car. It is probably his unchangeable haircut that has a lot to do with it. He recorded so many songs, that he doesn’t even know all of them anymore. But he probably still knows about 80 percent of its lyrics.
Because Valburga is full of secrets, her original owner is mysterious as well. He is a baron with a cousin in Romania, who is so famous that stories about him already crossed the borders of his country. Unfortunately, not one of them is still alive.

Davor Klarič is music composer and piano player. He played with the Devil Doll, an Italian-Slovene experimental rock band, influenced by gothic rock, classic and Slavonian folk music. They used to be famous for their epic and at least 20 minutes long songs. He also played with Slovene avantgarde band Laibach, which is on the brink of industrial and neoclassical genres. He is one of the most wanted studio musicians in Slovenia. He worked with Gušti & Polona, Zaklonišče prepeva, Elevators, Bilbi, Big Foot Mama, Sausages, Dan D, Hiša and Mi2. As a cameraman, he contributed to short documentary humoristic film Lucky (Dario Lonjak, 2008).

ANTON ANTOLEK (NaziCannibalPartisan 1) alias “Gino Mafia” has a hobby: looking out for ambitions. In his free time he plays drums and hangs out with musicians. He has been watching the same sunset from his balcony for 25 years. He has a motorcycle that is insured against the hail. He likes dogs and local hip-hoppers.
In Valburga he is going to represent the mean part of the humanity. With his supernatural skills he will be one of the protagonists in the battle for domination. He is already a leading member of his group and the only one who is showing a great measure of creativity through making different tools. He is living only by his own moral codex. The darkness is his friend. Valburga is his home and has already been home for at least two generations of his predecessors.

Anton Anatolek started to act in films by total coincidence. He was enrolled by Italian movie makers at the age of twelve to play in a film that was filmed near his home in the Stables in Trnovo in Ljubljana. Ever since he has been working as an extra a lot and is one of rare who managed to break through to the real acting parts. He has already been working with the director of Valburga in the short feature Green Smoke (2008), as a murderer in Meat Chain (2010) and as a police officer in Apoptosis (2017) that has been awarded few times. In full-length feature drama Generation 71′ he played a role of mime soldier (Boštjan Slatenšek, 2012).

BARBARA RIBNIKAR (NaziCannibalPartisan 2) was born in the last moments of Yugoslavia. She knows how to jump on the head if there is water underneath. She can walk in high heels. She likes poetry and photographies that don’t look perfect. She likes to quote what has already been written and she likes to watch people be happy, even if they are happy because they have just killed someone. She says she is shy. In the film, she is related to Anton Antolek. Her ancestors have already been squatting the place at which they are found by the intrusive arrivals. Her job is to organize things. She takes care that everything in the family goes according to the plan. One of her parts is to maintain a spiritual bond between her family and the place of their stay, which is demanding tax in a very special way.

Barbara was born the day after the Valentine’s Day. She has been working with almost every Slovene institutional theatre and she also has a strong connection to the independent production. She has never performed in a film before, but she is strongly present in the field of theatre, where she had started to play already in the times of her early education while participating in drama classes and improvisational theatre. Besides acting she is strongly attracted to other forms of expression, such as dancing, singing, and writing. She was rewarded with academic Prešeren’s award for her diploma play Walking man by Dane Zajc, directed by Zala Sajko. It was followed by the award in Brno in the Czech Republic and in Serbian Smederovo.

MARCEL LEJKO (NaziCannibalPartisan 3) is the first throat of a bizarre music group. He has been working in a warehouse for a few years, so he likes talkative and energetic girls. He is getting more and more excited by the sound of an accordion. The length of his hair is, for now, proportionate to his sympathy to metal.
He is going to act out one of the younger representatives in the group of the indigenous immigrants. He is accepted as the successor of the head of the family and is therefore allowed all the variations of acting like an alpha male of the tribe. His physical abilities are expressed clearly, but his intellectual not quite. Being merciful is not his virtue, more likely quite the opposite.

Lejko entered the world of show business by performing with bands Kronika and Uroš, where he performed as a vocalist and writer of the lyrics. At first, he worked in the factories a lot, but he started to work on the television when he started to host a music show at the national television called Videowall. When the show stopped being broadcasted, he started to work as a host at TV station Merrymaker (TV Veseljak). Years before that he tried out as an amateur host, animator, and dancer. He was also hosting Bloody Friday Metal Fest.

MANCA DEČMAN (NaziCannibalPartisan 4) is a common name in Slovenia. For example, one Manca Dečman trains triathlon, but this one does not. She understands tattoos as the cheapest way of collecting artwork, that is why she has a whale on her arm. She can be in the same place as insects at any time. Her favorite animated character is Marceline from Adventure Time – a vampire queen who made herself a guitar from a hatchet.
Manca is also going to be one of the younger representatives of the unusual family with even more unusual nutritional habits. She is going to play a twin sister to the role played by Marcel Lejko. Despite playing a female part of the twins, she is going to be the non-stereotypically more aggresive one. She is also excelling in survival skills, that help her survive in inexpressibly wild nature.

Manca Dečman is a product of Dance and Theatre center SVŠGL in Ljubljana. Together with the school production she performed also at the International feminist and queer festival Red Dawns. The Curse of Valburga is her film acting debut. For two years she has been collaborating with non-institutional theatre Glej, which is enforcing as an experimental theatre since its beginnings in the 70’s. Manca is learning Spanish and German and this year she is preparing for an English exam.

VERONIKA VALDES (NaziCannibalPartisan 6) is also known by the nickname Verchy and she says she has the best job in this world. Her ultimate expression form is by using upper part of her body. She is practicing word compilation with Word spider game. Hamsters are breeding at her home non-stop. They can be given to you for free.
Veronika’s role is among the youngest generation of natives of Valburga. Because of their strong hierarchical order, she was raised from her birth to take over the organization of the family. She needs to learn the spiritual meaning of their home so she will be able to learn future generations. The main part of learning is emphasizing care for logistics.

Veronika learned to dance when she was four years old. She went to school to Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana, where she was taught by her mother, Jana Kovač Valdes. Later on, she continued her schooling at Art Gymnasium – modern dance. She continued her studies at the Dance Academy Ljubljana. As a dancer or as a choreographer she cooperated with many projects. She was also a member of international dance group for a contemporary dance called EnKnapGroup. Today she teaches at Intakt dance studio. Since 2013 she is also making her own author music with which she also represented herself in the dance film Red fountain. She played in a dance film The Day After (Enya Belak, 2012) and in youth musical feature drama the Distortion (Miha Hočevar, 2007).

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